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EwasteWiz’ Tracking and Accountability

Validated Certificates of Destruction

EwasteWiz is accountable with proof for all recycling done for you. That is why EwasteWiz customers always receive proper documentation required by corporate diligence. Every secure data destruction operation performed includes a Notarized Certificate of Destruction.

Asset Tag Removal

EwasteWiz takes ownership and title to your end of life equipment. That way there is absolutely no liability to you or your company. We remove all identifying markers such as asset tags and anything possible that would link you or your company to your used computers.

Serialized Reporting and Certificates of Remarketing

EwasteWiz is the best at refurbishing and remarketing because we understand the end of life market better than any other company; we have years of experience in the used computer market. To prove it to you, EwasteWiz allows you to monitor and audit the remarketing of your used computers. During the recycling process you will receive serialized reports indicating the disposition of all recycled computers and components.

At the end of the remarketing process, you will receive proper documentation required by corporate diligence. Everything refurbished and remarketed for resale is serialized and tracked from beginning to end. Along with video proof you will receive a Serialized Certificate of Remarketing that will also be notarized.

Web Based Live Video Tracking and Surveillance

As an EwasteWiz customer you will be able to log in at the EwasteWiz website and view streaming video of the secure destruction or secure remarketing of your used computers.

RFID Tracking Via GPS

If your corporate diligence requires you to know the exact whereabouts of your secure hard drives or used computers at any time, 24 hours a day, then this is the solution for you. Every piece of outdated equipment that EwasteWiz recycles or remarkets for customers is inventoried, RFID bar coded and then tracked via GPS. Via the EwasteWiz website you can track everything in an instant.